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About me

I graduated from one of the universities in Russia with a degree in radiophysics and electronics. After that, I served in the army, worked at a factory as an installer, an engineer for network operation in a cellular company, an expert in monitoring electromagnetic radiation, and finally for three years I have been holding the position of head of the radiation hygiene department.

I was prepared for this work by a woman, a hero of the USSR, the first person who officially announced the Chernobyl disaster. And she registered it in Kaliningrad. I have extensive practical and theoretical experience in the field of radiation. And radiation is everywhere, there is a natural background from cosmic radiation, the earth and some rocks, radiation is used in medicine for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases, radiation is used in industry to control the quality of products, and also used in the security sector to control luggage and goods, radiation in small doses is present in water, food, is checked in all newly built buildings (in Russia). Here I will try to just tell you about the complex, in simple words and examples without resorting to scientific terms and formulas, here I want to give you an understanding of what radiation is in a simple way. I hope these articles will be useful and interesting to you. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to write them, you can also contact me by email aleksey443443@gmail.com

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